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G. Keith Alexander


Cool Then . . . Cooler Now!

As the former host of What’s Hot! New York, the music and entertainment segment of Fox 5 New York’s “The McCreary Report”, G. Keith Alexander interviewed nearly 200 of today’s R&B and Hip-Hop artists and introduced his audiences to their hot debut releases, giving many their first exposure on TV. It is no question that G. Keith knows talent. It is also no wonder because, G. Keith is, himself, a tremendous talent. In radio, television, and in advertising doing voice overs, he has built an impressive career as a media broadcaster and communicator, having influenced millions of people with the sound of his voice. And what a voice! It is smooth, distinctive and commanding — like his personal style.

Voice Over Academy

On-Air Appearances

An award of excellence in design and named as creative of the year.

An expert of local spots and hidden attractions.

Dedicated to the life of nomad and freelance from the youth.

"To travel is to live. To build is to support."

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